Dabeli – Mumbai Famous Roadside Snacks

Dabeli is very popular street snack in Mumbai and can easily found at many places in Mumbai.

Dabeli literally means “pressed” in Gujarati Language.

Dabeli is also called Kutchi dabeli or Double Roti.

Originating in the Kutch region of Gujarat.

How you can make? You don’t live in Mumbai. Well don’t worry the ingredients are super easy to find and one can make it at home. Yes one can cook at home and it takes only few minutes to cook.

Dabeli is basically Bun filled with mouth watering ingredients.

Dabeli, a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, garlic chutney, meetha chutney, spiced Masala peanuts and fruits like pomegranates. It is served plain on pan or grilled with butter.

All you need is ingredients –

For Stuffing

  • Meethi Chutney (Sauce)
  • Dabeli Masala
  • Oil
  • Boiled and Mashed Potatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Pomegranate

Other Ingredients –

  • Pavs or Bun  (Bread)
  • Chopped Onions
  • Masala Peanuts
  • Sev (Namkeen)
  • Lehsun (Garlic) ki Chutney
  • Butter

Method –

For Stuffing

  • Combine the Dabeli Masla, Meethi Chutney and a little water in a bowl and mix well.
  • Heat the oil in a non- stick pan, add the prepared Dabeli Masala mixture, mix well and cook on a medium flame for one minute, while stirring continuously.
  • Add the mashed potatoes, salt and a little water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for another 2 or 3 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  • Remove from the flame, transfer it to a plate and press well with the back of a spoon.
  • Sprinkle the coriander and pomegranate on top. Keep aside.


  • Take a pav and slit it on two sides at right angle (keeping them joined at the remaining 2 ends).
  • Apply geeli (wet) lehsun(Garlic) ki chutney(Sauce) and meethi chutney evenly on the inner sides of the pav.
  • Stuff with the stuffing and top with onions, masala peanuts and sev.
  • Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make more dabelis.
  • Just before serving, cook each dabeli on a hot tava or Pan (griddle) for a minute using a little butter.
  • Serve immediately garnished with sev.

Cheers ❤

If you will not try how, will you feel the power of Love of food.



Healthy Body = Healthy Life



A healthy body leads to healthy life.

You may have heard or seen the term ‘cold pressed juice’ used in cafes throughout USA, Melbourne or in the media and wondered to yourself ‘what are cold pressed juices? Where did they suddenly appear from?’ They’ve actually been around for several decades, but have only discovered popularity in recent years as juice cleansing and detoxing experienced their own increases in popularity.

To understand how cold pressed juices are made, it helps to understand the more conventional methods that are commonly used. Traditional juicers use fast-moving metal blades that rely on centrifugal force to separate the juice from the pulp. Cold pressed juice, however, is produced by using what is known as a ‘masticating juicer’. This juicer uses a hydraulic press that squeezes the juice from the fruit or vegetable.


Jaipur is adapting to new lifestyle for healthy future.

The Juice Shop in Jaipur makes all the juice by Norwalk Cold Pressed Juicer. This machine is so trippy and it leaves nothing, only pure juice. I got a chance to work with Mr. Shyam for a week; he taught me how they use the machine and even learned about the whole process from A to Z.

The menu is amazing in such a way which offers vegetables & fruits like, kale, celery, green apples, oranges, pomegranates, lemongrass, pears, watermelon etc. They add more nutrients using chia seeds in their juice which contain fibre.

The best part is that the shop does not have sugar and ice. The concept is the give authentic fresh juice for better health. Honey is used for people who need sweetness in juice.


Shots (90 ML) are amazing concept so you can have shots of different vegetables & fruits. If you are vegan, don’t worry, they have fresh organic almond milk too.

Best of Juice shop is the 3-day Juice Cleanse program which has detox juice bottles a day. Cleanse Program focus on health and one has to be completely in liquid diet. “It is amazing concept and people prefer after every 15 days to improve health” said by Mr. Shyam.

The Juice Shop -Started by four friends Shyam, Abhishek, Laxman, and Neeraj with the vision to focus on healthy lifestyle. The store interior is simple you can see your juices is prepared in front of you. Special care of hygiene is taken by a team wearing gloves and making sure all the vegetables are stored at the correct temperature and are super clean before it goes further.


The story of Mr. Shyam from The Juice Shop – Shyam, a boy who loves to do events all around India in young age, got good hospitality industry experience for 5+ years. He has also successfully conducted many events with his team in Rajasthan such as New Year Eve and Colour of Dreams Festival. Since young age, he was very much focused on health and he always use to think that Jaipur is missing one key thing that is health. He decided to work on something related to healthy lifestyle. What next? He did a lot of research and the best part his friends who were always coming with new ideas and suggestions.

One day Mr. Shyam thought of getting into liquid diet and something which is not in Jaipur. He got to know about Cold Press Juice which is very popular in the USA but is missing in India. He started his mission from that day to make something for Jaipur people which is new and also now it is the time for people to focus on health also as everyone is so busy with daily routine and relationships and do not much focus on health which is key to success. He did research and also did a lot of survey with locals what they think of Juice and he got positive answers in reply. He got more energy and finally decided to order Norwalk Cold Pressed Juicer (USA) which cost him a lot but, was sure that he will do something good as idea was clear and mission too.

After trying making 1000+ recipes on a day to day period for about 6+ month he finally got the answer. He got all the secret of Cold Press Juice and also took help of an expert from the USA through mail and Skype for health benefits and recipe. He took Indian weather and availability of fruits and vegetables in mind.

Result – Today is shop is one the best shop when it comes to Healthy Lifestyle. Team is also focusing to introduce different salads which will contain Tuna Fish, Cheese, Fresh vegetables and meat products.

If you are in Jaipur don’t forget to visit and enjoy a sip of fresh juice and meet Juice Master.

Address – J-1, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Contact Details –  078208 20822

FacebookThe Juice Shop

You may also order online through Zomato and foodpanda.

Cheers 🙂

Picture Credit – THE JUICE SHOP TEAM

It was pleasure working for a week in The Juice Shop

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Blue Pottery – “Art and love are the same thing” – Garima Saini Artist


Visiting Blue Pottery Factory –

My friends decided to visit my old friend Blue Pottery factory, where she makes some really antique pottery which is famous worldwide and she also export to Europe, USA, South America and Asia. It was something new for us as we have been living in Jaipur since long and never visited Blue Pottery factory.


We were happy and excited to see new things around us. My friend said let’s go for a tour and see how it is made and also told us a history of blue pottery, which I want to share with you today with photos.


She also told us about history –

Blue pottery is basically a Turko-Persian in derivation, it is broadly acknowledged as a conventional craft of Jaipur. The famous Jaipur blue pottery that is created from Egyptian paste is cautiously glazed and low-fired. There is no clay used in creating blue pottery. The special ‘dough’ used for the pottery is made by combining powdered glass, quartz stone powder, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), gum, borax and water.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Thank you readers 🙂

Address: Ram Gopal Blue Pottery, Sanganer Airport, Tonk Road, Jaipur 302029

Contact: 9887455827


First ever elephant tour in my city <3



Lovely Sunday morning in the pink city (Jaipur) it was 4:15 AM in the morning and I got a wake-up call from my friend to visit Jaipur most beautiful place to see the sunrise. I was happy and excited too at same time. At 5:15 AM we reached and had a Masala Tea with traditional cookies of India (called FAN).

Tasting a sip of tea with a beautiful monument in front build be kings at ancient time. The Monument is called Jal Mahal Palace which is built between the lakes.


After half an hour of talk, we decided to go to another beautiful palace called AMER FORT for what can you think? ELEPHANT RIDE 😀 yes it was on my bucket list for so many years and finally, my friend said yes and first-time elephant ride that to like Kings and Queens and royal service like never before. It was so beautiful and everything was so slow and quite which is what I like the most.

It is best to go for such crazy ride with positive mind people.

Thank You ❤

It was one of my best days in life.

Meeting Pandas for the first time in life <3

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China – Chengdu June 2016 Summer Vacation from AIESEC in Jaipur.

Travelling for more than 45 hours was one of the best decisions. Yes, 45 Hours trust me and us five did it reason being simple craziness in mind and love to explore more. We were very much excited and happy at the same time. The city was quite big with a good transportation system.

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It was 7 AM in the morning and we were all set to go and see Panda live.
Excited stepping as fast as we could to reach the destination quickly.
Took the metro and then bus to reach Panda home. Purchase a ticket to enter and thanks to college ID card for rebates in tickets.

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And what now? We explored that place for around 5 hours without caring about anything visiting new areas and looking for pandas and eye close for while and thanking god for the wonderful day.

It was blissful meeting Pandas ❤

Some amazing facts we got to know from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

  • Pandas have been a symbol of peace in China.
  • Pandas can stand upright, but their short hind legs aren’t strong enough to support their bodies.
  • An adult giant panda weighs about 200-300 pounds (90-135 kg).
  • Giant pandas have 42 teeth. Like humans, giant pandas have two sets of teeth in their lifetime.
  • The panda spends 14-16 hours a day eating bamboo.
  • On average, a panda eats 25-30 pounds of bamboo in one day. In the spring, a panda may eat 100 pounds in a day.
  • A giant panda can peel and eat a bamboo shoot in about 40 seconds.
  • In China, giant pandas are considered to be national treasures.
  • Giant pandas have been the symbol of the international conservation organisation WWF, or the World Wide Fund for Nature since it was founded in 1961.
  • Giant pandas have a very good sense of smell. Even at night, they can find the best bamboo stalks by scent.
  • Chengdu Panda Base was founded in 1987.
  • Chengdu giant panda centre of breeding and research attracts almost 100,000 overseas visitors each year.


How I made my friends drink OLD MONK in China :D



I was heading for a conference happening in Shanghai, China. Waiting to board my flight from the Delhi International Airport, I was checking some big & expensive bottles of alcohol nicely placed on a shelf. Among all of them, a skull-shaped bottle of Old Monk caught my attention.

I was in love with it and, I wanted all of my future friends in China to drink this indigenous alcohol. It is one of the finest Indian origination and one of world’s best Dark Rum.

The beverage which is usually $6 was priced 5 times of it. In the position of lack of cash and an urge to make people taste the drink, I thought of what to do next.

Guess what I love to make people drink and that what I did. 😀 :p


So it was AIESEC’s Global Village in China 2016 an event in which everyone one brings amazing things from one’s country and display on given booth. The Participants visit each stall and try the eateries and drinks. Meanwhile, they take good memories and something unique about the life and the countries.

As I am a food and beverage’s lover, crazy about life and adventure, I went to every stall and had their drinks, food and gathered some interesting facts. I got to know that in U.S.A every state has different flags and for an obvious reason explored a lot more about Florida. 😀

All of the countries had their Souvenirs such as Wine from Europe, U.S.A got songs, flags and ‘Yo’ slang.  Portugal got Football and long lost stories about The Spain and Portugal dispute. Egypt got belly dancers and sheesha, Australia got nothing hahaha, Mexico got Tequila.


Everything was going good and now, it was my turn to show what India is.

I opened my bottle of Old Monk with a loud voice and got the attention of everyone out there lol. What Next? I asked everyone to open their mouth and told them that I am coming to give you all a shot of the India and its drink.


Everyone was like “ewuuuuuuuu” and “awwwwwww” and eyes closed for about a minute and shouted like Fuck it’s so strong and Fuck you, hahaha. But, later they came to me again and asked, “Bro, can we drink more of that” 😀 I was like ‘yo’ why not and within half an hour my one litre of Old Monk got finished.


Everyone came and said thanks and was happy to have something good and popular from India.

Thanks to the $30 and Old Monk, I got some much-celebrated popularity. 😀








Thank You Life ❤



Cheers with Old Monk

20160626_034437 - Copy

Hey what I have to share is about something crazy I did in China 😀


While I was travelling to China for 45 days and I was thinking to take something for my new friends that to something Indian from Delhi International Airport. As I am always into drinking hahaha I mean making Cocktail. So I thought how about Indian Rum that to Old Monk which is super strong and very popular all over world.20160701_150802

In festival I had a competition between India and Mexico and guess who won.? Yes it was Indian Rum (Super strong) hahaha.

Then what I took out out in one of the festival called Global Village 2016 in Shanghai.

20160701_151411I gave one shot to everyone there and everyone was so interested about Indian Rum but after a short everyone was like awwwwwwwwwwwwww yes and eyes close for a minute and like fuck it is very strong 😀 In the end everyone came and said thank you for amazing drink and was happy to taste something special from India and will remember forever in life and laugh.

So people who are reading this should surely try OLD MONK in India.

Thank to Old Monk for amazing movement.

  • Old Monk is the third largest selling Rum in the world.
  • Old Monk commonly known as ‘OMR’ is an iconic vatted Indian dark rum, launched on 19 December 1954. It is blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years.
  • It is a dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavour, with an alcohol content of 42.8%. It is produced in Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh, available in all parts of India.
  • There was a time when Old Monk dominated the rum market. There were other brands also but none came close in quality or popularity. About eight million bottles were sold annually.