“THE MURRAY METHOD ” Taste Whisky like Sir Jim Murray.

Sir Jim is an English writer journalist, and a well known whisky critic. He is best known for his observations on whisky and his annually updated book on the subject, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

The Murray Method of Whisky Tasting –

  • Drink a black, unsweetened, coffee or chew on 90% minimum cocoa chocolate to cleanse the palate, especially of sugar.
  • Find a room free from distracting noises as well as aromas.
  • Make sure you have not recently washed your hands using heavily scented soap.
  • Use a tulip shaped glass with a stem.
  • Never add ice. This tightens the molecules and prevents flavours and aromas form being released. It also makes your whisky taste bitter.
  • Don’t add water ! Whatever anyone tells you. It releases aromas but can mean the whisky falls below 40% .. so it is no longer whisky.
  • Warm the undiluted whisky in the glass to body temperature before nosing or tasting.
  • Never sick your nose in the glass. Or breathe in deeply.
  • Take no notice of your first mouthful. This is a marker for your palate.
  • On second, bigger mouthful, close your eyes to concentrate on the flavour and chew the whisky – moving it continuously around the palate.
  • Look for the balance of the whisky.
  • Never make your final assessment until you have tasted it a third or fourth time.
  • Be honest with your assessment : don’t like a whisky because someone has tried to convince you how good it is.
  • When you cannot discriminate between one whisky and another, stop immediately.


Source – Whisky Bible 2018 

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible  is a compact guide containing every whisky that Murray and a team of researchers are able to source from the worldwide market. Each whisky is tasted by Murray alone and graded out of an overall score of 100. This total is reflective of the four key criteria: nose,taste, finish and balance, each awarded marks out of 25. With every new edition of The Whisky Bible, Murray provides tasting notes and ratings for around 1,000 newly released or previously undiscovered whiskies, with nearly 4,000 brands being reviewed overall.

Mr. Jim’s not a man to mince words, with his press release hailing the whiskey’s ‘sheer undiluted beauty’.

‘Nothing could match the astonishing beauty of its surprisingly delicate weight and complexity combined. It was though time stood still in the tasting room; I just knew…’

2018 World Whisky of the Year

  1. Colonel E.H Taylor 4 Grain Bottled in Bond aged 12 Years
  2. Redbreast aged 21 Years
  3. Glen Grand aged 18 Years




Happy Drinking



Vine & Food Experience India

International Vine & Food Experience at Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi.


It was one of those rare occasions when the top wine importers and producers in India came together to present the best labels from their portfolio.

You could try out French, Italian, Spanish, Californian, South American, Australian, New Zealand & South African wines imported by Brindco, Aspri, Prestige, Wine Park, Ace Beveragez, Hema Connoisseur Collections, Mohan Bros and others.

Domestic wines from Indian Wine producers like Sula, Fratelli, Grover Zampa, York showcased at the event, spoke of how far our own wines had come in terms of quality.

There were Wine Masterclasses galore where one of the most respected names in the wine business, John Salvi MW, spoke about Bordeaux Left & Right Bank wines.

Vishal Kadakia of Wine Park told us about “Indigenous Grape Varieties” from Italy to Argentina while Karishma Grover talked of the “Rise of Rosé”. There were several more interesting sessions.

Live food stations from the chefs of The Taj Mahal Hotel dishing out delicious small plates, made sure you did not go hungry and had enough food to pair with the wines.

Very well organised by Keith Edgar and Taj, this value for money wine event (Rs 2000 AI) is something that should not have been missed.

cheers to life

If you are in Mumbai and want to have wine tasting session give me a call will help you 😀



Mumbai is a place which I always see and feel as New York City. The passions, culture, people, traffic, and do not forget the local train which is the heart of busy Mumbai just as NYC.
My friends this article is about a programme which gave me basic knowledge of beverages all around the world and lots of good memories.
I got an opportunity to meet Mr. Ajit Balgi & Divyanshu Dwivedi in The Oberoi, Mumbai hotel during whiskey tasting training. He told me about whiskey and also about MAISON Programme. I searched more about it and applied for the programme. I gave telephonic interview and got selected for the it.

So what is Maison means? MAISON (French word) means Home or house.

So what is Pernod Ricard? Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces distilled beverages.

So what is MAISON Pernod Ricard? It is a Bartending Graduation Programme which is organised by Pernod Ricard France to educate young bar lovers from all around the world.


What is it about? In this programme young bartender and beverages lovers meet under one roof and one teacher guides all the module from A to Z (History to current trend)

“Each module is lead by a world renowned category expert from an independent perspective via the iPad app, giving a balanced and thorough approach to training, with the benefit of bartenders’ career progression in mind,”

Maison is designed for both new and experienced bartenders who receive training on beverages.


It’s a modular programme that covers detailed training in the major drinks categories, as well as, customer service and bartending skills. Each session covers history and production for each category through to spirits and Champagne appreciation and knowing the significant category cocktails.

Each module is written and presented by a world renowned category expert (Guru) from an independent perspective via the iPad app, giving a balanced and thorough approach to training, with the benefit of bartenders’ career progression in mind.


Who is MAISON targeted at? MAISON is designed for new and experienced bartenders who are already engaged in the industry, who are hungry for knowledge and are who looking to further their career in hospitality.

MAISON offers 11, 4-5 hour, modules that cover customer service, bartending skills, and detailed training in 10 major drinks categories (vodka, gin, tequila, rum, Scotch whisky, whiskies of the world, Cognac, absinthe, pastis, Champagne), from the history and production process, and the “how-to” appreciate each category, through to cocktails.


What do you get out if MAISON Bartender Training? Bartenders who participate are ‘invited’ to become a part of and contribute to both a local and global community of passionate bartenders while receiving great training from the worlds top category aficionados, and although it isn’t face to face, the iPad app does a great job in making it feel intimate enough.


I would like to thanks Mr. Ajit Balgi, Divyanshu Dwivedi , Sumit and Tulleeho for hosting MAISON India.


Friends who were part of programme and taught me about cocktail –

Omkar Shevde – St. Regis

Harish Acharekar – The Table

Mohit Bamanpalli – St. Regis

Rohit Tukaram – Arth

Sagar Kanojiya – Junction

Ranvijay Thakur – Taj

Ravi Nair – KOKO

Sid & Nishant – Pa Pa Ya

Ravi Tiwari – Rassta

Vikrant – Four Season

Rajesh Singh – Four Season

Anuj & Rajesh – Sofitel

Umang Kochar – Trident

Few Photos of the programme attached.

Cheers to life and daru 🙂

Keep Drinking

Solo trip to Alibagh from Mumbai

since long I was planning a day trip to nearby Mumbai and finally, I decided to go Alibagh which is not too far but a lot of people talk about it. I did bit google and read few stories about Alibagh and I was like let’s go.


How to reach –  I choose the best way to go by ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa Port and bus to reach Alibagh. It cost me only 105 Rs. and within 2 hours I was in Alibagh.

On my way, I met two old but strong men who were roughly around the 80s and I started talking about Mumbai and Alibagh. They told me what all they do and more about life in Mumbai. One was retired teacher and other was also retired officer from LIC. They offered me a cup of coffee which I took as a respect and I took out some snacks which I was carrying with me and we started talking about Alibagh and luckily they told me insights of it.

From ferry drops to Mandwa port and from they you have to catch a bus with takes you to Alibagh. The bus charges are included in 105Rs.


After reaching Alibagh I was looking for a place to stay. Dear readers it is important for you to stay one night at least to experience true Alibagh. I love to walk so I was walking all my way to Alibagh beach and after 10 mins walk I reached the beach and it was a nice view with the lot of Hores ride all around but it was not I was looking for. I asked few locals and tourists about more places to visit and see and everyone told me about Nagaon Beach which is 10 Kms from Alibagh and a good place to stay. I did little bit google and I was like not bad.

Famous Drink – Kokam Soda – Amazing refreshing drink Ingredients crushed ice, Sea salt, Kokam syrup, Soda and stir. 23131414_1441965759257355_680490022_o

I loved it and must try for people who are going for the first time.

So I took a tuk-tuk (AUTO) sharing which cost me 20 Rs and dropped me till Beachside from there a walk of 5 mins to actually reach the beach.

It was worth trust me, such a beautiful beach with no crowd and no noise. The cleanest beach I have ever seen so far. I was tired and thought to find a stay nearby. I started walking nearby and did not saw any hotel or Rooms. Resorts and Hotels are available far from the beach and people who have car or bike can travel. Everywhere it was written Cottage available for the family. I was like fuck will I get a place to rest or not? After asking few people and visiting few cottages finally someone said “Search for Milind Monohar Cottage you will get a place. Why people don’t give to solo travellers because of past bad experiences. While I was looking for a room and walking down the street a lady called me aye what are you looking for? She saw my face and said yes we have a room without I said anything. I was happy and she invited her house and gave me a round of room and I was comfortable with it. She said 1200 for a day and I said can it be a little bit less? She smiled and said yes. She asked me where is your girlfriend or wife? I said no I travel alone and I am only 22 years old not married with a big smile. She offered me a glass of Lemon water which was much needed.


I took rest for two hours and changed my clothes to visit the beautiful beach. On my way the landlord said Hello Mr.Kochar, I knew it was Army man which aunt talked about. I said hello and gave a little introduction about me and uncle gave me few tips for the beach.

As I was going I took Waterproof Mobile cover which I purchased from my China visit. I took some money for water sports. I started with a beach with a coconut drink and walked all my way to the beach. People were are coming on my way. 50% couples haha but I was like so what let’s go and enjoy the beach.

I was happy to see the beach and enjoying coconut water, I took a long walk to another side of the beach and saw the tent and a restaurant which was very unique and amazing. I went and asked for the beer and sadly they said no we don’t keep. I was like cool no problem give me a coke and cheers.

After that, I went to see water sports and asked for few of them. I liked the Banana ride and settled for 200Rs. enjoyed a lot those 15 mins.


After that took some rest and did some crazy things with sand by writing short messages to my friends and sending pictures on Instagram.

It was 7 PM I came back to my cottage, I took shower and 15 mins nap and went down to talk to uncle. Uncle came upstairs and showed me his big room which was very clean and amazing. The reason uncle came upstairs because her wife does not understand Hindi and only speaks Marathi and local language of that area.

We talked about each other family and he told me some of his stories of other guests who came and did something new and crazy.

At 8:30 PM my dinner came, I requested for special local food of Kokam region. I said that I don’t need fancy food. I had amazing food and then talked with the uncle about day to day journey and food. After food much need walk for about 10 mins and uncle telling me crazy stories and also telling about his collection of Whiskies and Watches.


At 10 PM went to bed and saw T.V for while and got to sleep and amazing air coming from all around. My room was covered with Plants from both the sides and amazing view. I got up at 8 AM and got ready for tea which uncle invited me for last night at 9AM.


After Tea a gave uncle gift from my side as a token of love. My Rajasthan Cap which I got from my volunteering in Jaipur. Uncle took it with respect and said me to come back soon with a girl or wife. I smiled and said sure sir.

I took an auto and bus and ferry to reach back Mumbai just as I came for 105Rs.

The end of my trip was just amazing and I also learned how to talk to new people and make friends of old age. Age does not matter what matters is how you are to next person.

Things to carry at Alibagh –

  • Towel
  • Plastic Bags
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • light clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • extra glasses and clothes
  • Football or Ring



People should visit solo or group but they should for sure.




An act of love – Happy Diwali India



Hello Friends,

Today I want to tell you about my friend who did something which took my heart.

As I work in a busy restaurant in Mumbai and it was Diwali festival night. For us, it was a day to give more than 100% at work as the reservation was more than we have the capacity.

For staff, it was a big day, one of my friend is Muslim and he takes off on every Friday as he has to go to Mosque for prayer and then family lunch. But he did not request for holiday or off for Diwali.

You know why? Because it was Diwali and he thought it is very important to help my friends at work today.

At late night I asked bro it was Friday and why you did not take off today. He said, bro its Diwali and it is the biggest festival and I wanted to help you guys.

We did very good sales at the end of the day and also earned good tips.

I was really touched at that period of time and I smiled and hugged him and said thank you, bro.

I was really happy that day and I were like oh god it is so good.

People think that Muslim community don’t care about many Hindu festivals but it is wrong, we have people who do something that brings a smile on people face.

Thank you

Happy Diwali

Dabeli – Mumbai Famous Roadside Snacks

Dabeli is very popular street snack in Mumbai and can easily found at many places in Mumbai.

Dabeli literally means “pressed” in Gujarati Language.

Dabeli is also called Kutchi dabeli or Double Roti.

Originating in the Kutch region of Gujarat.

How you can make? You don’t live in Mumbai. Well don’t worry the ingredients are super easy to find and one can make it at home. Yes one can cook at home and it takes only few minutes to cook.

Dabeli is basically Bun filled with mouth watering ingredients.

Dabeli, a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, garlic chutney, meetha chutney, spiced Masala peanuts and fruits like pomegranates. It is served plain on pan or grilled with butter.

All you need is ingredients –

For Stuffing

  • Meethi Chutney (Sauce)
  • Dabeli Masala
  • Oil
  • Boiled and Mashed Potatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Pomegranate

Other Ingredients –

  • Pavs or Bun  (Bread)
  • Chopped Onions
  • Masala Peanuts
  • Sev (Namkeen)
  • Lehsun (Garlic) ki Chutney
  • Butter

Method –

For Stuffing

  • Combine the Dabeli Masla, Meethi Chutney and a little water in a bowl and mix well.
  • Heat the oil in a non- stick pan, add the prepared Dabeli Masala mixture, mix well and cook on a medium flame for one minute, while stirring continuously.
  • Add the mashed potatoes, salt and a little water, mix well and cook on a medium flame for another 2 or 3 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  • Remove from the flame, transfer it to a plate and press well with the back of a spoon.
  • Sprinkle the coriander and pomegranate on top. Keep aside.


  • Take a pav and slit it on two sides at right angle (keeping them joined at the remaining 2 ends).
  • Apply geeli (wet) lehsun(Garlic) ki chutney(Sauce) and meethi chutney evenly on the inner sides of the pav.
  • Stuff with the stuffing and top with onions, masala peanuts and sev.
  • Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make more dabelis.
  • Just before serving, cook each dabeli on a hot tava or Pan (griddle) for a minute using a little butter.
  • Serve immediately garnished with sev.

Cheers ❤

If you will not try how, will you feel the power of Love of food.


Healthy Body = Healthy Life



A healthy body leads to healthy life.

You may have heard or seen the term ‘cold pressed juice’ used in cafes throughout USA, Melbourne or in the media and wondered to yourself ‘what are cold pressed juices? Where did they suddenly appear from?’ They’ve actually been around for several decades, but have only discovered popularity in recent years as juice cleansing and detoxing experienced their own increases in popularity.

To understand how cold pressed juices are made, it helps to understand the more conventional methods that are commonly used. Traditional juicers use fast-moving metal blades that rely on centrifugal force to separate the juice from the pulp. Cold pressed juice, however, is produced by using what is known as a ‘masticating juicer’. This juicer uses a hydraulic press that squeezes the juice from the fruit or vegetable.


Jaipur is adapting to new lifestyle for healthy future.

The Juice Shop in Jaipur makes all the juice by Norwalk Cold Pressed Juicer. This machine is so trippy and it leaves nothing, only pure juice. I got a chance to work with Mr. Shyam for a week; he taught me how they use the machine and even learned about the whole process from A to Z.

The menu is amazing in such a way which offers vegetables & fruits like, kale, celery, green apples, oranges, pomegranates, lemongrass, pears, watermelon etc. They add more nutrients using chia seeds in their juice which contain fibre.

The best part is that the shop does not have sugar and ice. The concept is the give authentic fresh juice for better health. Honey is used for people who need sweetness in juice.


Shots (90 ML) are amazing concept so you can have shots of different vegetables & fruits. If you are vegan, don’t worry, they have fresh organic almond milk too.

Best of Juice shop is the 3-day Juice Cleanse program which has detox juice bottles a day. Cleanse Program focus on health and one has to be completely in liquid diet. “It is amazing concept and people prefer after every 15 days to improve health” said by Mr. Shyam.

The Juice Shop -Started by four friends Shyam, Abhishek, Laxman, and Neeraj with the vision to focus on healthy lifestyle. The store interior is simple you can see your juices is prepared in front of you. Special care of hygiene is taken by a team wearing gloves and making sure all the vegetables are stored at the correct temperature and are super clean before it goes further.


The story of Mr. Shyam from The Juice Shop – Shyam, a boy who loves to do events all around India in young age, got good hospitality industry experience for 5+ years. He has also successfully conducted many events with his team in Rajasthan such as New Year Eve and Colour of Dreams Festival. Since young age, he was very much focused on health and he always use to think that Jaipur is missing one key thing that is health. He decided to work on something related to healthy lifestyle. What next? He did a lot of research and the best part his friends who were always coming with new ideas and suggestions.

One day Mr. Shyam thought of getting into liquid diet and something which is not in Jaipur. He got to know about Cold Press Juice which is very popular in the USA but is missing in India. He started his mission from that day to make something for Jaipur people which is new and also now it is the time for people to focus on health also as everyone is so busy with daily routine and relationships and do not much focus on health which is key to success. He did research and also did a lot of survey with locals what they think of Juice and he got positive answers in reply. He got more energy and finally decided to order Norwalk Cold Pressed Juicer (USA) which cost him a lot but, was sure that he will do something good as idea was clear and mission too.

After trying making 1000+ recipes on a day to day period for about 6+ month he finally got the answer. He got all the secret of Cold Press Juice and also took help of an expert from the USA through mail and Skype for health benefits and recipe. He took Indian weather and availability of fruits and vegetables in mind.

Result – Today is shop is one the best shop when it comes to Healthy Lifestyle. Team is also focusing to introduce different salads which will contain Tuna Fish, Cheese, Fresh vegetables and meat products.

If you are in Jaipur don’t forget to visit and enjoy a sip of fresh juice and meet Juice Master.

Address – J-1, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Contact Details –  078208 20822

FacebookThe Juice Shop

You may also order online through Zomato and foodpanda.

Cheers 🙂

Picture Credit – THE JUICE SHOP TEAM

It was pleasure working for a week in The Juice Shop

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